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Being a Financial Advisor entails meeting certain educational and business qualifications to warrant that these advisors have the knowledge to properly assess your financial affairs by recognizing and correcting problems as well as offering worthwhile safe and secure growth solutions. Gerry James has these qualifications and is dedicated to doing what is right for his clients.

Gerry is a family man with a wife of 31 years and 2 adult children. Gerry’s wife is a world-class interior designer who currently focuses her talents near the beaches areas of North Florida. As a devout Christian, Gerry does prison ministry in a maximum-security prison. He is also an avid golfer and fitness enthusiast

Gerry has had a long career as a professional golfer and still coaches his oldest son who is a recent world champion and former number 1 world-ranked long drive champion. The reason Gerry became educated in finance and safe investing was simply because he lost over six figures in his retirement portfolio through a broker-adviser who he mistakenly trusted to have his best interest. Gerry has a fiduciary responsibility to his clients and has never lost one dime of their money.

Gerry is running for State Senate District 7 because, like you, he has had enough of the insider politicians in both parties selling us out. The elected so-called leaders are too weak to address the real needs of the constituents of this state and our community. He can make a difference, but he needs your vote to do so.

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